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September 20, 1994

The Christdala Evangelical Swedish Lutheran Church was built during the summer of 1878 by the first Swedish immigrants to establish a pioneer settlement in Rice County. The Church structure and surrounding cemetery are stately symbols of the contributions that these early Swedish immigrants made to the history of the community, county and state.

The Church is particularly well preserved and is architecturally distinctive in design and style. The building represents the spiritual, historic, family and ethnic values of the early Swedish pioneers and is a historical monument to the early Swedish settlers.

The values of the early settlers that are symbolized by the Church serve as a guide for the Association in establishing its objective and mission.


Restore and maintain in unaltered and original condition the Christdala Church and Cemetery to preserve the heritage and legacy brought to America by the Swedish immigrants who established Christdala.


(1) Collect and preserve historical documents, photographs, memorabilia and artifacts that relate the experience of the early pioneers who settled around Christdala. (2) Encourage the use of the Church for suitable group, family and community events. (3) Establish and maintain a permanent endowment fund that provides sufficient income to maintain the Church and Cemetery and accomplish the objective and mission of the Association.

Approved September 20, 1994 by the Officers and Board of Directors of The Christdala Church Preservation and Cemetery Association, Millersburg, Minnesota 55021.